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Marissa Clark


Hello, my name is Marissa and I am a travel addict. I first started traveling as a young girl... my parents loaded up the family truckster and off we went! We mostly camped, a hotel being a rare treat. I have been to (and driven through!) many U.S. states but my travel obsession, my wanderlust, if you will, really started when I was a young, single woman.

The first time I went to Europe triggered a never ending desire to see all the places and do all the things. I have done everything from white water rafting in the Andes, hiking to glaciers in Argentina, rock climbing in the South of France, climbing Mt. Etna, yachting in Turkey, riding elephants bareback in South Africa, driving around an F1 racetrack with a famous driver in Montreal, to harvesting olives for press in Sicily. But there is so much more to do!

I specialize in Italy and Sicily and go there quite often. My other specialties include Ancestral Travel (I am a genealogist!) and Accessible Travel (I have 20 years of experience in Access).

When I'm not running off to another adventure I am at my home outside of Philadelphia with my husband and two cats named Professor Whiskey von Pantaloons and Sir Guinness O'Poppins.

Marissa Clark
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